Elegant Design!

Dont waste time with designs!

When a first time visitor lands on your website and click’s on the Enter button (agreeing to your terms) a cookie is created. As long as this cookie exists the adult warning splash screen will no longer appear.

Want to change the contents?

Easily change the contents of the warning message, the terms and the photo all right from the backend of your website.

Don’t want to display an Adult Warning?

From the backend you can simply enable or disable the adult warining content splash screen with a single click.


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Easy editing and full control from the backend admin panel !

Access your website’s admin panel from anywhere anytime with internet access.

  • Media Library, manage all of your photo’s and video with the media library.
  • No Coding Skills Required: Everything is done from the admin panel.
  • Page Templates included to get you up and running fast.
  • My Reviews Widget: Show your reviews with optional links in the sidebar.
  • Advanced Gallery: Craete multiple galleries and slideshows with lightbox effects.
  • Form Generator create multiple custom forms for registration, contact, etc.
  • Full Blog capabilites for running your own blog on your own website.
  • Free Support available right from your dashboard.